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Public Address System

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Public Address System

PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM is a series of sound through electronic distribution system that covers input (mic), processor (amps) and output (speakers).

Usually PA System used one large public area to announce something, or as background music player or as evacuation system in case of unwanted things.

Small System

For small systems, used in a simple Public Address system, for example in the clinic, spa, small bar / cafe, small outlets, school auditoriums, places of worship, etc. For the inputs is usually coupled with a dvd / mp3 / ipod player to play music that can be heard throughout the area.

For amps, require a power that is tailored to the needs of the entire speaker system. And to the loudspeakers themselves are usually more simple, because it does not require a different zoning.

Public Address System Application

Suara Proaudio @Korean Cultural Center Indonesia

Large System

In theory, the use of Public Address System at a broader system would be more complicated because of the larger area. Suppose there are zones where certain areas hear the sound, while other areas do not want to hear the sound. The use of larger power amplifier because of the loudspeaker. Different area of ?? the different types of loudspeaker. Flow is more complicated cable installation. Arrangements with such complex systems is a more difficult task for an installer to simplify the system so that the system can be operated more easily.

Examples of the use of large systems in the Public Address System for campuses, schools, malls, buildings, factories, tourist area, sports area, etc..


Public Address System with the IP

If the Public Address system is constrained in its application or a different distance, Public Address System can use the Internet Protocol (IP). Suppose that in a complex enterprise, there are several different buildings, then to integrate the system can use the IP. So as to control the existing system can be done in the control room just separately control multiple systems in multiple buildings.

PA System with the IP

PA System with the IP

Large Venue System

Is the use of a sound system for music concerts. Will be discussed later because it will be different in the systems in the Public Address System.

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